The Issues

Fullerton is a great town, but it is facing many important issues today. Here are some items that we must address:

Pension Reform

Fullerton’s $500 million pension debt is a serious problem that will hurt our childrens’ future if we do not act now. Previous councilmembers have been over-influenced by public employee union money and have failed at negotiating on behalf of the taxpayers.

I promise to negotiate firmly against the public employee unions and bring fiscal sanity back to Fullerton.

Refund the Illegal Water Tax

Fullerton has kept an illegal, hidden 10% tax on your water bill  for the last fifteen years in violation of Proposition 218.

I ended the illegal water tax on my first day as a city councilman. Now we must refund the money that was taken illegally from Fullerton water users.

Support Local Businesses: Get Government Out of the Way

Local businesses are the lifeblood of Fullerton’s economy and all too often city bureaucrats make it difficult and expensive to operate one.

I will make sure that all businesses and residents are treated equally, and will fight to remove unnecessary and onerous regulations that hinder economic growth in our city.

Transparency and Open Government

Residents of Fullerton deserve to know what their government is doing. When the city hides information, misleads citizens and covers up misdeeds, it creates big problems.

I will fight to change the culture at city hall to one of openness and free, helpful access to information for all.

Fix Our Streets

Fullerton is suffering from a growing amount of potholes, ruptured water mains and sewer sinkholes. City hall has prioritized spending on employee salaries, generous benefits and lavish pensions instead of maintaining our infrastructure over the last few decades.

I will work to rebalance the financial equation to make sure that Fullerton taxpayers can drive on the roads and use the infrastructure we’ve been paying for.

Police Accountability

YouTubeThe death of Kelly Thomas has proven that Fullerton needs strong public oversight over the operations of the police department. The “code of silence” that keeps good police officers from blowing the whistle on bad behavior is absolutely intolerable.

I will push the Fullerton Police Department leadership to improve police culture within the department and demand complete accountability for the actions of every police officer.