As a husband and father with strong roots in Fullerton, I am very passionate about this city’s future.  As your Fullerton City Council Member, I am well aware of the ways this city can be improved. I have spent years pushing for serious reform within city hall for the benefit of Fullerton residents and taxpayers.

YouTubeOur city is facing hundreds of millions of dollars in pension debt due to years of heavy handed union influence. We must stand up against the public employee unions and reduce these pension costs. Burdening future generations with this debt is the wrong approach.

I will require increased transparency and openness from our government. Keeping information away from the public never serves democracy, but permits backroom deals and special treatment for city hall insiders. This is unacceptable and I will fight to make sure all are treated fairly.

For 15 years, Fullerton has illegally added a 10% tax to every single water bill. I will end the illegal water tax and push to have the money refunded back to residents.

Our streets are crumbling because current leadership has neglected them, spending millions of dollars on public employee pensions and generous benefit packages instead. I will work to place a priority on street and infrastructure repair.

For more information, please read about me, my platform and my endorsements. Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.