About Travis

As a husband and father, I am devoted to making Fullerton a better place to live. As a Fullerton native, I love this city. My passion for our town led me to buy an historic home near downtown and I am excited about raising my daughter in such a wonderful place to live in.

I am your elected Fullerton City Councilmember and the Technology Director for a highly regarded Orange County employee benefits firm. Prior to that, I was a technology team leader for the Walt Disney Company, responsible for running some of the most popular sites on the Internet, such as Disney.com, ABC.com and ESPN.com.

I have always held a passion for truth, transparency and justice in government. I have long advocated for a city council which places individual rights first and exercises restraint in the use of taxpayer’s funds. I believe that Fullerton government should be focused on public safety and solid infrastructure.

My passion for excellent local government was the impetus for my co-founding and running of the largest and most successful political website in Orange County. By demanding integrity from elected officials and absolute transparency from government, our website has succeeded in filling the void left by struggling Orange County newspapers and providing unparalleled investigative reporting services proving once again, that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

With your vote, I will help lead Fullerton toward fiscal responsibility and maximum efficiency.