US Congressman Ed Royce

Travis Kiger and Ed Royce share strong beliefs in a limited government that protects the rights of Americans with focus on fiscal convservatism to shield taxpayers from abuse. Royce recently won the “taxpayer hero” award from the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste.

State Assemblyman Chris Norby

“Travis Kiger has been a champion for individual rights and fiscal responsibility in government. Fullerton leadership is long overdue for fresh ideas and strong leadership.  I heartily support Travis as Fullerton’s city councilman.”

Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson

“Travis will let go of sacred cows and focus on the bottom line to ensure that taxpayers receive the most services for the least amount of money. He brings a fresh approach and will ask the hard questions that the citizens need to have asked.”

Fullerton Mayor Pro-Tem Bruce Whitaker

“Travis Kiger has been a effective advocate for taxpayers and civil rights. The City of Fullerton could do no better than to support Travis in his efforts to lead our city out of troubled financial waters. Travis understands what good government is all about and I am excited to have his intelligent voice on our City Council.”

Fullerton School Board Member Chris Thompson

“I truly cannot overstate my appreciation to Travis for making this sacrifice of his time and his family. There are tremendous fiscal and management challenges ahead for Fullerton. It requires individuals like Travis who share Bruce Whitaker’s relentless commitment to truth and common sense to put Fullerton back on a course to recover our well-deserved pride and much needed fiscal balance.”

Republican Party of Orange County

Travis Kiger is endorsed unanimously by the central committee representing the Orange County Republican Party.  The Republican Party envisions a vibrant, prosperous, and safe California defined by a robust and growing world-class economy, strong and healthy families, and reformed and responsive state and local governments serving the people while protecting individual liberty.

The Orange County Register

“Mr. Kiger also campaigned to overturn a controversial city water tax. He kept that promise as soon as he took office. Going forward, Mr. Kiger’s keen understanding of city finances and desire to rapidly address budgetary challenges should serve residents well.”

The Lincoln Club of Orange County

The Lincoln Club of Orange County is an organization dedicated to limiting government to those legitimate functions that least intrude on the economy and the individual lives of its citizens while providing a strong defense securing individual liberties.

California Republican Assembly

The CRA is the state’s oldest and largest Republican volunteer organization. CRA has been working to elect Republican candidates who stand unwaveringly for Republican principles.

Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers

FACT is a community organization dedicated to free market principles, individual rights, private property rights and taxpayer rights. FACT successfully saved California taxpayers billions of dollars by stopping illegal debt issuances of both the Davis and Schwarzenegger administrations.

Greg Sebourn, Fullerton City Council

Chad Wanke, Placentia City Council

Denis Bilodeau, Orange Mayor Pro-Tem

Mark McCurdy, Fountain Valley Mayor Pro-Tem

Jack Dean, Publisher, Editor of PensionTsunami.com